St Mary's Catholic Church

Sacramental Programs

Reconciliation and Holy Communion

Our Parish Priest & Catechist  Team co-ordinate and lead this program preparing our children for the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Reconciliation. It is a home/parish based course which lasts about six months. Parents who wish their children to celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, should listen out for the announcements at mass for the next opening and closing dates of when applications are being accepted.

Marriage Preparation

PLEASE NOTE that a minimum of Twelve months’ notice is needed for marriage in our Church and a minimum of nine months if you are intending to marry abroad.

Please contact the Parish Office to arrange an appointment to go through the various stages of preparation and what is required to make a valid marriage.

Remember please give plenty of notice, the earlier the better, as the Diocese require a minimum of 12 months’ notice.  

When we meet with you we will undertake to complete all the paperwork and advise you about  the Order of Service for your Wedding; Fees etc…. and answer any questions you may have.

Another requirement is that couples need to attend a Marriage Preparation day / weekend. The Parish Priest is able to provide details of what is available here. One option is Marriage Care who can be contacted directly at: . or via email : or telephone 0800 3893801


I’m not Catholic, can I get married in this church?

To be married according to the Rites of the Catholic Church either you or your fiancé must be a member of the Catholic Faith through your Baptism. If you are interested in becoming Catholic, we welcome you to enquire about the faith in our RCIA course.

I’ve been married before; can I get married in this church?

Both you and your fiancé must be FREE to marry which means neither of you have been married before either in a Civil or Religious Ceremony. There are cases (annulments) where an earlier marriage would not have been fully recognised by the Church, and from which you can be dispensed. For further information see or speak to Fr Rafal.

Please note that anyone wishing to become a Catholic first needs to regularise any past marriages that have taken place civilly or in Church.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Young Adults or Adults who would like to be baptised or received into the Church should contact the Parish Priest or the Parish Office. The application form for R.C.I.A. can be found in the Church Porch, or in the downloads section of this website, and should be returned to the Parish Priest or Parish Office

Baptism Preparation

A Course of Preparation for Baptism is offered to parents of children about to be baptised. Eight meetings are held each year in The Cassidy Pastoral Centre. It is coordinated by Fr Rafal. Arrangements for Baptism should be made with the Parish Priest and Parish Office . See the Church notice board for details of next meeting. ( Please take a moment, also,  to look at the  Baptism Readings- A reading should be selected by the parents and is usually read by a godparent or Christian witness; as are the bidding prayers)  

Baptism Application Form

Baptism – Reading Choice & Bidding Prayers 

Confirmation Preparation

A Course of Preparation for Confirmation is offered to young people who express a wish to be confirmed. Application for Confirmation should be made to the Parish Priest. Program usually commences at the start of the New school year.

Association for the Propagation of the Faith

The A.P.F. is a worldwide organisation which supports the Missions in many countries. In this parish approximately fifty people have collecting boxes in their homes.If you would like to have a box in your home or would like to become an annual member , please speak to the Parish Priest .

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